Dragon Ball Fans Find Perfect Greeting Alternative During Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is currently experiencing concerns and other troubles due to the COVID-19 disease as [...]

The world is currently experiencing concerns and other troubles due to the COVID-19 disease as many people have taken it upon themselves to practice social distancing and self-imposed isolation in order to help combat the spread of the new coronavirus. One of the practices in doing so is washing one's hands thoroughly and limiting physical touch with others because it's being spread through bacterial droplets on surfaces. This means that handshakes, fist bumps, and other common greetings are out of the question, so what's there left to do and still be polite? Dragon Ball fans have found the perfect answer.

Taking inspiration from one of the most memorable moments from the end of the Cell Saga, @DBPerfectShots on Twitter has gotten a lot of attention from Dragon Ball fans online for suggesting that instead of shaking hands and greeting each other through physical contact we instead should give a small salute like Future Trunks and Vegeta gave one another.

Following the end of the Android and Cell arcs of the Dragon Ball Z run, Future Trunks ended up as one of the most popular characters in the franchise overall. So popular in fact that he was revisited in both official and non-canon capacities with a full arc in Dragon Ball Super and serving as the anchor character in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

But what made Future Trunks so compelling in the first place was how he began to change Vegeta. Vegeta learning that he had a son didn't initially change his personality for the better, but as the two continued to train and bond with one another, Vegeta began to truly care for someone other than himself. It's the trajectory that eventually leads him to working with Goku completely, and leads to some of his greatest moments in Dragon Ball Super as one of the good guys.

It all really started from here, so maybe other good things will happen if we adopt this as a greeting! How do you fell about using this greeting as a replacement for physical contact? How did you feel seeing this goodbye between this two for the first time in Dragon Ball Z? How do you feel about Trunks and Vegeta's relationship throughout the franchise overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!