Dragon Ball Resolves The Yamcha Wedding Storyline

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has answered the question, is Yamcha getting hitched?

While the Ultra God Mission has given fans some of the biggest fights of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series, there has been one storyline that has piqued the interest of anime fans. Yamcha, the Z-Fighter who hasn't been able to keep up with Super Saiyans and Ultra Instinct users, was a part of this latest arc and was presented with quite the proposal. With Warrior in Black Vidro asking Yamcha if he wants to get married, the conclusion of the storyline answers the question of whether or not the former bandit is tying the knot.

The Warriors in Black were brought to the forefront thanks to a rogue Kaioshin who was aiming to turn the tide on the current state of the multiverse and its many timelines. Creating a Tournament of Space and Time wherein countless heroes and villains fought, the storyline introduced new takes on Bardock, Future Gohan, Piccolo, and many more. While Yamcha wasn't given any new transformations or power boosts as a part of this Heroes' arc, he was able to win some surprising fights before coming into contact with the Warrior in Black known as Vidro. Seeing something in the former desert bandit, Vidro proposed that the two get hitched, as they were able to even defeat Chilled, a member of Frieza's bloodline.

Is Yamcha Getting Married?

Hilariously, Yamcha was set to marry Vidro and vice versa. Unfortunately, the marriage isn't meant to be as Vidro tells Yamcha that the tradition of her race is to get married 1,200 years following the initial proposal, which is quite some time past a human's life expectancy, even for a Z-Fighter. While Yamcha didn't have the heart to tell his fiance, it doesn't seem like the Dragon Ball hero will actually tie the knot.

In the main Dragon Ball Super series, Yamcha was able to shine during the Moro Arc. With the energy-absorbing wizard aiming to steal energy from opponents and planets alike, Yamcha was able to fight alongside the other Z-Fighters once again in taking on Moro's many henchmen. With the manga aiming to end the current Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arc, it has yet to be confirmed whether Yamcha will make a return in the next arc.

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