Dragon Ball: Yamcha's Death Just Got Another Anime Parody

Dragon Ball has been around for decades at this point, and when it comes to anime, the series reigns above all. It seems like everyone knows who Goku is, and of course, the Saiyan is loved by everyone. He and his friends have become icons over the years, and yes – that does include Yamcha. The poor fighter is one of the most mocked characters in all of shonen, and it seems the anime industry just hit Yamcha with yet another jab.

And who do we have to thank for it? This time, the team behind Bocchi the Rock is to blame. The series paid homage to Yamcha's iconic death in its latest episode, and it has pushed Yamcha into a cycle of shame.

The Sad History of Yamcha

After all, the character cannot seem to live down his death. Yamcha made waves years ago when he was killed during the Saiyan saga. His big talk did nothing to upset Nappa, and honestly, Yamcha's words just made his downfall all the sadder. His death in Dragon Ball Z marked a turning point as Yamcha was never able to shake his goofball reputation after. And these days, there are plenty of fans who see Yamcha as the butt of a joke.

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However, that is not the way Yamcha was always seen. The character was formidable during the original Dragon Ball series. While his power cannot compare to that of a Saiyan or Namekian, Yamcha should not be underestimated. It is easy to overlook a martial artist when they're pitted against a Super Saiyan God, but that doesn't mean guys like Yamcha are weak by any means.

Still, the anime industry loves to poke fun at Yamcha, and Bocci the Rock is the latest series to tease the fighter. It is not the first to make light of his death and won't be the last. So if Demon Slayer or Chainsaw Man works in a joke about the hero, don't let it surprise you!

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