Dragon Ball Art Imagines Goku and Gohan's Feudal Era Design

Dragon Ball has seen the father and son Saiyan team of Goku and Gohan go through a number of trials and tribulations throughout the franchise created by Akira Toriyama, but one artist has taken the opportunity to imagine what the members of the Son family might have looked like had they debuted during the feudal era! Throughout both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, Gohan has become a warrior that is now able to keep up with his father but seemingly has a ways to go before he can stand toe to toe with the transformation of Ultra Instinct!

Gohan was introduced once again during Dragon Ball Super as a fighter that had given up the path of the warrior, instead throwing himself into his works as a scholar. Since we were first introduced to the son of Goku, the Z Fighter has been attempting to find his path in life as he was pulled between being a defender of Earth and studying as much as he could. Though we mostly saw him as a fighter throughout Dragon Ball Z, Gohan eventually decided to dedicate himself to his training and once again was able to access the power of his "Ultimate Form" that he had gained during the Majin Buu Saga that made him one of the most powerful brawlers in the universe!

Twitter Artist Erren Van Duine shared this amazing take on the father son team of Dragon Ball that has battled together throughout the years, recently testing their strength in Dragon Ball Super with the Tournament of Power and Moro Arcs of the franchise:

The future of Goku and Gohan is still up in the air as the Moro Arc moves closer to its finale, with Goku once again making a terrible mistake in giving the sorcerer the benefit of the doubt and not putting an end to the wizard's mad reign. With Moro actually fusing with the Earth itself, it will definitely be interesting to see where the anime franchise moves forward as the Akira Toriyama series continues!

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