Dragon Ball Z Fan Debuts Hilarious Low-Cost Saibaman Cosplay

If there is one person who can cosplay anything, it is the man behind Low Cost Cosplay. The account has become a viral sensation given its insane cosplay takes, and they are always put together with the oddest items. Obviously, most of the looks can be down with things at home, and that is true for a recent Dragon Ball piece of theirs.

So if you never want to look at Saibamen the same way, this cosplay is for you. You will never be able to unsee the look, and it comes off as borderline NSFW given one gratuitous close-up.

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S A I B A M A N #lowcostcosplay #dbz #art

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Over on Instagram, Low Cost Cosplay honored all things Dragon Ball Z with a recent look. The fan is used to dressing up as characters created by Akira Toriyama but a Saibaman is a first. So in order to bring the alien to life, Low Cost Cosplay used a simple fabric marker, a Saibaman cutout, and some green boxers.

You can see the piece above clearly as the look is broken down. Low Cost Cosplay printed out a big poster of a Saibaman face before cutting out its thick forehead. After drawing some veins on the back of his lime-green boxers, all the Dragon Ball fan had to do was bend over and place the cutout just so over his buttox.


Clearly, this cosplay is hilarious and all sorts of impractical. The spirit of the look, however, is on point. It might be difficult to pull this look off at a convention, but Low Cost Cosplay does manage to honor Dragon Ball with what tools they have at home. And if we are talking cost, well - there is no way this look will cost you over $20 USD to make.

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