Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Update Adds New Game Mode

Dragon Ball ZL: Kakarot got a new update this week that added a new feature players may not have [...]

Dragon Ball ZL: Kakarot got a new update this week that added a new feature players may not have been expecting if they haven't been paying attention to Bandai Namco's teases. The update that's out now added a new game mode called "Dragon Ball Card Warriors," and as its name suggests, it's a unique card game that's housed within Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Players build their own decks full of well-known Dragon Ball Z characters and can do battle with other players in a couple of different game queues.

If you haven't played yet and you're wondering how a Dragon Ball Z card game would work in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the trailer below for the update will fill you in. Players have to first build their decks comprised of different types of units like Character Cards, Event Cards, and SP Cards. These Character Cards are the core component of Dragon Ball Card Warriors that'll do most of the fighting. Instead of having an attack and defense system where cards are destroyed, Character Cards have attack and health point values with those health points depleted by incoming attacks. The goal is to drop your opponent's "leader" characters' health points by attacking them directly.

Things get a bit more complicated from there, but once you learn the details on things like energy requirements and how to activate your more powerful SP Cards, it doesn't appear to be a daunting ruleset to learn. After practicing a while to get the hang of it, you can hop into a couple of different queues within the mode to test your skills. There's one mode for more casual play where you don't have to worry about winning and losing as much and another mode where your rank goes up and down depending on the result of the match. Finally, there's a tournament mode where different competitions will happen over time for teams of players to compete in. The best of the best will get rewards for their efforts.

If a card game isn't your speed, you've still got more Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot content to look forward to. Part Two of the A New Power Awakens DLC is still coming out some time during Fall 2020, though a more precise release date hasn't yet been announced. After that, another DLC story arc is planned for a later date.