Dragon Ball Z Fan Gives Cell the Greatest PS5 Makeover Yet

Social media changes memes like we do clothes, but there are some comfort templates that fans [...]

Social media changes memes like we do clothes, but there are some comfort templates that fans revisit time and again. After fans were given an official look at the Playstation 5 last week, the next-gen console became the stuff of meme royalty as the Internet picked apart the device. Of course, it did not take long for the anime fandom to peep the trend, and it is a good thing they did. After all, the console's ultra-sleek design looks like something out of Dragon Ball, and that is why one fan decided to give Cell of all people a PS5 makeover.

After all, it isn't easy being cast in the show. Goku won't fight just anyone, and the user Lythero knows that. After a bit of preparation, the Youtuber decided it would be best to given an existing Dragon Ball Z villain a Playstation makeover rather than to start from scratch. So it is a real good thing the PS5 looks like a certain anime villain already...

Yes, that is right. As you can see below, Lythero is one of several fans to note the similarities between the PS5 and Cell. The baddie is a favorite with Dragon Ball Z fans, and he is one of the anime's most elusive to date as he did not come back to life like Freiza. Cell was left to live in infamy after hosting the Cell Games while rocking a giant headpiece. And from a certain angle, the PS5 looks like an updated take on Cell's peaked headgear.

The meme above proves how similar the PS5 looks to the piece, and other fans were quick to riff on it. It does not matter what angle you approach with; The PS5 can be combined with Cell to make him more imposing than ever before. If the villain was strong back in the day, there is no telling how powerful he would become should he have a next-gen console atop his head. It's like the PS5 was designed with anime in mind, and if that is the actual case, we need to know if the designers looked to Cell for inspiration during their development meetings.

Which other Dragon Ball Z villains need a gaming console designed after them...? Is Majin Buu next? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!