Digital Artist Channels Dragon Ball with Mr. Satan Design

In the history of the Dragon Ball franchise, perhaps no character has been more ridiculous than [...]

In the history of the Dragon Ball franchise, perhaps no character has been more ridiculous than the current "world champion", Mr. Satan, but this isn't stopping fan art from being created that honors the humorous addition to the series as one fan artist proves! In the English dub, Mr. Satan was first introduced as "Hercule" for obvious reasons and had arrived with a flashy introduction during the Cell Games. Ever since the finale of this story arc, Mr. Satan has remained and even joined his family with Goku's as both their children had a family with Gohan and Videl falling in love.

Mr. Satan's influence on the Akira Toriyama's franchise cannot be denied and during the Majin Buu Saga, he even was able to do something that none of the Saiyans were able to accomplish. While he originally had become friends with the fat version of Majin Buu, his strength and friendship mattered little in the face of the evil that was Kid Buu. As Goku attempted to create the biggest Spirit Bomb of his career to fling at the pink devil, Son was unable to convince the world to voluntarily lend their energy to it. Luckily, Mr. Satan was given the opportunity to speak to the people and thanks in part to his wild popularity, convinced the citizens of Earth to help in creating the Genki Dama that destroyed Majin Buu once and for all.

Instagram Digital Artist Raf Grassetti shared this amazingly detailed version of Mr. Satan, capturing the spirit of the Dragon Ball character who had a big role in the franchise for someone who is usually thought of as a joke by both fans and fellow characters alike:

In Dragon Ball Super, Mr. Satan continues to pal around with the lovable Fat Buu, though in the recent Moro arc, the pink powerhouse has definitely gone through some big changes that may change their friendship moving forward! With the franchise continuing, Satan will surely continue having a role to play!

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