Here's What Would Really Happen If You Were Sent Into a Fantasy World

One of the more recently prominent genres in anime is the 'Isekai' series, or series about an [...]

One of the more recently prominent genres in anime is the "Isekai" series, or series about an average person being transported into a fantasy world. One hilarious theory suggests it would not go as smoothly as you'd think.

Japanese illustrator @poppoyakiya took to Twitter to post a bleak manga about the realities of an everyman getting sucked into a fantasy world:

"Isekai" is the fan term for a recent resurgence of anime series - such as Sword Art Online - where a regular Joe protagonist is transported to a fantasy world. But the kicker is that while the real world is full of all sorts of drudgery, these everymen often have the skills to flourish and thrive in the fantasy world and head on into a great adventure they would have never been a part of in their daily lives.

The parody manga highlights a man who starts the same way a lot of fantasy shows do, he dies and is reborn into a fantasy world with a cheating skill that's sure to put him above the other citizens. Happy at his ability to finally escape his dead end job life, he's inspired to become a famous adventurer.

Quickly hit with harsh realities, however, he takes a menial job washing dishes after living in this world for six months. Finding he does not speak their fantasy language and his Earth currency no longer has any value, he quickly realize that like on Earth you need a job to get by.

He wanted to buy fancy weapons and gear in order to begin his adventurous life, but he had no money for those goods either. But when faced with the increasingly dangerous monsters outside, he decided to keep washing dishes despite saving enough money after half a year.

The man then comes to the unfortunate resolution of being too frightened to actually do anything in this fantasy world, and it eerily parallels his life on Earth. With a final realization, he designates the world's real heroes are not ones who have special powers or talents, but ones who are truly brave enough to take that first step into adventure.

Though @poppoyakiya's story takes a more somber and realistic tone of fantasy world stories, and the number of retweets of this manga suggests others agree with this criticism, it honestly romanticizes the genre itself.

Theorizing that a leg up on skill, status, and even the environment does not ultimately matter if someone has the will to push forward and carve out their own adventures.

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