New Fate/Grand Order Series to Stream Exclusively on Funimation for Limited Time

Next year, the Fate series will welcome a new anime to its catalog at last. Fate/Grand Order: [...]

Next year, the Fate series will welcome a new anime to its catalog at last. Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia is set to make its debut early next month, and fans of the mobile game series are excited to see Aniplex give their take on the story. And if you are one of those fans, you better listen up closely. The streaming game is changing for the anime, and it means you will want to look into Funimation's streaming service.

Over on Twitter, Aniplex confirmed Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia will screen on Funimation Now long before it goes to any other service. It turns out FunimationNow will begin streaming the series on October 5 before Crunchyroll is able to stream the series at a yet-known later date.

For fans, this piece of news may be surprising, but it makes sense given a larger announcement which went live this week. Not long ago, Sony Pictures Television did confirm plans to start a joint venture between Funimation and Aniplex. The deal would help consolidate the company's global power as an anime licensor, and it means Funimation will be getting first dibs on Aniplex titles.

You know, kind of like Fate/Grand series and all.

So far, there is no word on when the show will make its way to Crunchyroll. The series is a fan-favorite, and there are lots of fans worldwide eager to check out the series. It seems like FunimationNow will be the only streaming service to have the show from day one, so fans of Fate/Grand Order better plan accordingly if they want to watch the anime from its premiere on.

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Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia is based on the "Order VII: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts: Babylonia" storyline from the original mobile game and is one of two major anime projects releasing within the next two years. Aniplex of America has confirmed that they have licensed the series for an English language release outside of Japan, but although the full series will not debut October 5th, fans can currently check out a special prologue episode dubbed "Episode 0" on Crunchyroll and Funimation Now.