Final Fantasy & Cup Noodle Ramen Collide In Japan

Cup Noodle is a pillar of culinary culture, and it doesn’t seem like it is going away anytime [...]

Cup Noodle is a pillar of culinary culture, and it doesn't seem like it is going away anytime soon. The Japanese company revolutionized the way fans ate ramen, and Cup Noodle is now looking to get in with gamers and anime fans around the world. And where is no better way for the company to do so than to bring Final Fantasy to their side.

Recently, gamers and anime fans learned that Square Enix is making progress with the much-anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII. The recent "Final Fantasy Seitan 30 Shūnen Opening Ceremony" even in Japan unveiled a few promotional stills of Final Fantasy VII and future DLC events coming to Final Fantasy XV. And, of course, Cup Noodle took time to unveil their crossover promotion with the beloved RPG franchise.

Nissin Foods is now accepting pre-orders for their special Cup Noodle x Final Fantasy packages. Unsurprisingly, the coveted crossover event is coined under a long name, "Cup Noodle FINAL FANTASY BOSS COLLECTION Boss Character Package." The special collection contains 15 Cup Noodle meals which each feature a Final Fantasy boss on its packaging. The meals will house characters ranging from the first Final Fantasy game to the most recent installment. And, if you have no plans to eat the meals, then you can store them in a special commemorative display case.

However, fans are more interested in the special cutlery that comes with the case. If you pre-order the collection, you will be entered into a lottery for a rather special fork. Called the "Ichigeki Hisshoku! Ultima Weapon Fork," the lottery will give select fans a two foot long fork styled after one of the game's many longswords.

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(Photo: Nissin Foods )
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(Photo: Nissin Foods )

If you want to know more about which Final Fantasy villains will appear on the Cup Noodle crossover, then you can check out the full list here: Chaos, Emperor, Clouds of Darkness, Zeromus, Exdeath, Kefka, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Trance Kuja, Seymour Guado, Shadow Lord, Judge Gabranth, Orphan, Bahamut, and Ardyn Izunia.