Fire Force Finally Lets Tamaki Shine in Newest Episode

Fire Force has finally let Tamaki Kotatsu shine in the newest episode of the anime! The second season has been treating Tamaki fairly well as while she continues to have her divisive character traits that continue to use her for fan service, the season actually broke a streak that featured her in one of the adventures without disrobing her. While this record unfortunately did not bear fruit as Tamaki was back to her usual fan service laden self not long after, the newest episode of the series has allowed her to shine in a new way.

Following their disastrous excursion into the Nether in the previous episodes (which saw Tamaki react to various brtual deaths happening right in front of her), Tamaki is trying her best to strengthen herself in order to become strong enough to keep more of her comrades from dying. But to begin her training with Company 7 Captain Benimaru, she needed to pass a test that resulted with Tamaki unlocked a new stage of her Nekomata form.

Episode 23 of Fire Force's second season sees Tamaki ask Benimaru to train her as she's been feeling remorse over the fact that she wasn't strong enough to be of any real help during the mission in the Nether. But as her introductory task, she had to dodge Hinata and Hikage's attacks for a minute straight. She struggled at first, but during the fight she began to think about why she became a member of the Fire Force in the first place.

While she admits that she joined the Fire Force in the first place because she felt like she had to thanks to her upbringing, Tamaki then decides to truly fight for herself and this unlocks a new level of her standard Nekomata form. To beat the twins, Tamaki then charges this new level of her Nekomata into the Nekomata Fireball (which is also referred to as the "Nekomata Falling Star" in the manga release), and Benimaru notes how it was like Tamaki has been holding her real power back.


As Tamaki has now unlocked a new level of her fire power, perhaps next season (if one does get confirmed) she will be more a part of the action rather than just used for fan service jokes. But what do you think of Tamaki's standout moment in Fire Force's newest episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!