Fire Force Shocks with Brutal Death in Newest Episode

Fire Force's second season has kicked off its final arc, and the newest episode took things in a much darker direction than expected by shocking fans with a brutal death. Season 2's final arc sees Special Fire Force Company 8 teaming up with Company 2 for a joint investigation into the Nether. With how much we have seen from the White-Clad from the episodes prior, it was soon made clear that Company 2 was nowhere near fully prepared for what was truly in store for them as they headed further into the darkness of the Nether.

Not only did the episode feature a number of shocking deaths as Company 2's members were in way over their head during the initial raid into the Nether, the episode truly took things to a surprising new level when one character (who was seemingly poised to play a major role in the arc going forward) was killed instantly when they were decapitated by a member of the Knights of the Purple Haze.

Episode 20 of Fire Force's second season introduces us to Hajiki, a platoon leader in Company 2. He's paired up with Company 2's Juggernaut and Tamaki Amajiki, and has a pretty impressive power that allows him to see infrared heat vision and point out the locations of others. He uses this ability to take down a large group of infernals with ease, and is genuinely strong.

But this all shockingly cut short when the three of them come across Orochi, one of the Knights of the Purple Haze. After meeting this enemy in a hallway, Hajiki tells the other two to stand back but before he can say anything else he's suddenly decapitated. Even with his eyes allowing him to see hidden heat signatures, he was not fast enough to dodge Orochi's flame whip.


Fire Force isn't a series completely removed from death, but it's always surprising to see these kinds of moments considering how bloodlessly many of the other fights play out in the past. Seeing Hajiki cut down so fast was a dark exclamation point on a harsh episode overall, and it certainly sets up what is likely going to be a tough road ahead for Company 8 for the rest of the season.

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