FLCL Turns Haruko's Vespa Into Some Sweet Sneakers

FLCL, or Fooly Cooly, is a strange show. Originally starting as a series that followed a young boy [...]

FLCL, or Fooly Cooly, is a strange show. Originally starting as a series that followed a young boy whose forehead was producing aliens and super powered guitars, the popular series also spawned a sequel that released last year in the form of FLCL Alternative. Our protagonist of the series, Naota, was tortured by the anti-hero Haruko Haruhara, a space alien that rode a Vespa and wanted a legendary space pirate to return to life. The series, above all else, brought a new level of style to viewers and that style continues in this new pair of sneakers patterned after Haruko's Vespa.

Kari Wahlgren, the voice actress for Haruko, promoted on her Twitter Account this new pair of sneakers that takes the aesthetic from the series and slaps them onto your feet:

Haruko herself was a super powered alien that crashed onto the scene of the anime on her Vespa, with a love/hate relationship constantly in the background between herself and Naota Nandaba. If nothing else, FLCL is a strange show but uses this fact to its advantage by presenting characters and events never seen before in any other anime. For example, one of the main events of the series was a giant "iron" being lifted up and opening up a breach into another reality, as a federal agent with fake eyebrows watching from afar.


(Photo: Gainax)

The sneakers themselves will be designed by Tokyo Otaku Mode, colored yellow and with a logo of "P!" slapped onto the side of each shoe, much like the Vespa itself. While we doubt that these sneakers will open up a gateway into your forehead or create a "TV-headed guardian", they are quite fetching and would make for a good addition to the wardrobe of fans of the series. The sneakers themselves will be available for purchase at the end of this month, June 2019.

What do you think of these FLCL themed sneakers? Were there any other sneakers that you'd like to see made patterned off of the series? Let us know in the comments or feel free to hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime.

FLCL, pronounced in English as "Fooly Cooly," was written by Yoji Enokido, directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki, and produced by Gainax, Production IG, and King Records and released in Japan from 2000-2001. It came to the United States as part of the Adult Swim block in 2003 it was frequently re-aired from 2003-2014. The coming-of-age story focused on the 12-year-old boy Naota Nandaba who become bored with his life in a working-class town. He gets more excitement than he bargained for when the alien Haruko Haruhara bursts into his life on her moped, trailing chaos in her wake.