Fruits Basket Season 3 Debuts First Full Trailer

Fruits Basket has released the first full trailer for the third and final season of the series! [...]

Fruits Basket has released the first full trailer for the third and final season of the series! Following in a recent trend of major classic franchises getting a second chance at anime, Natsuki Takaya's original manga series came back for a brand new anime adaptation just a couple of years ago. While the first adaptation from over 20 years eventually had to come to its own kind of ending, this new series has been more closely adapting Takaya's story as it played out in the manga. Now this story will be coming to an end soon with one final season.

Following the second season coming to an end last Fall, Fruits Basket will be returning for a third and final season next month as part of the jam packed Spring 2021 season of anime releases. While we have gotten small peeks into the final season's events, the series recently launched the first full trailer full of brand new material teasing how it's all coming to an end. You can check it out in the video above!

Fruits Basket Final Season Trailer
(Photo: TMS Entertainment)

Making its debut on April 5th in Japan, Funimation will also be streaming the English dub release of Fruits Basket's third and final season. The third season has yet to confirm how many episodes it will be sticking around for with this final run, but fans will finally get to see the anime play out like Takaya's original series. That's something they were robbed of years ago with that first go-round.

The series has revealed the opening and ending details for the new season as well as it's been announced Fruits Basket's new opening theme is titled "Pleasure," and performed by WARPs UP while the new ending theme, "Haru Urarara," will be performed GENIC. With the new anime series already delivering brand new material with the second season, there's so much more that's coming our way with this third.

Fruits Basket's second season began its run into completely new anime territory, and the third season will explore even more as it comes to an end. But what do you think? Are you ready for Fruits Basket to come to an end with its third season? How did you like the first two seasons of the new series?

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