'Fullmetal Alchemist' Live-Action Film Releases Most Explosive Trailer Yet

A brand-new trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist’s live-action film is out, and it is the most [...]

A brand-new trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist's live-action film is out, and it is the most dramatic one yet. The clip, which can be seen above, features plenty of new footage from the film and shows off some of the franchise's most famous alchemists in action.

Over on Youtube, Warner Bros. Japan shared the third trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist ahead of the film's screening abroad. The movie is slated to premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival later this month, and this new trailer gives fans a better picture of what to expect.

The trailer starts out with some old footage, but it moves to some new clips soon enough. Fans get a better look at Alphonse in action and get an extended peek into a chase sequence Edward takes part in.

If you are a fan of Roy Mustang, then this trailer is meant for you. The reel gives a first-look at the famous alchemist's flame attacks, and fans are freaking out of the soldier online. Oh, and Edward looks pretty taken aback by Roy's alchemy skills as well.

Aside from Roy, the trailer gives fans first-looks at two tragic characters. Shou Tucker and his daughter are shown in their house, and fans know how that goes down. In the anime, the research alchemist does an experiment using his daughter Nina and dog in hopes to getting his work funded. Shou tries to use human alchemy on the pair, but the incident instead turns Nina and the dog into a mutated chimera who can only beg for its death. The chimera itself is shown very briefly in the new trailer, so fans better bring tissues when they see the live-action film later this year.

If you are not familiar with Fullmetal Alchemist, then you have plenty of time to watch the anime before its live-action film arrives. The series follows brothers Edward and Alphonse after their mother tragically passes. They attempt to use alchemy to resurrect her, but the attempt takes Edward's arm and leg - and it takes Alphonse's entire body. Determined to get their bodies restored, Edward and Alphonse try to become State Alchemists so they can find the location of a powerful item known as the Philosopher's Stone. But their journey ultimately leads them into a seedy world of government corruption and mass genocide.