Godzilla Takes on Jaws in This Spot-on Poster

Godzilla recently finished his battle against the larger-than-life primate and ruler of Skull [...]

Godzilla recently finished his battle against the larger-than-life primate and ruler of Skull Island in Godzilla vs. Kong, but it seems as if one fan artist has the king of the monsters' next opponent ready in the great white shark from Jaws that has struck fear into the hearts of countless swimmers. Though Godzilla's future in the West is still anyone's guess as the MonsterVerse has yet to confirm any new projects following the success of the latest crossover, rumors have begun to swirl that a new movie is in the works under the title of "Son of Kong".

Godzilla vs. Kong might be a blockbuster in its own right, but it definitely has to pay homage to the original summer blockbuster that kicked everything off with 1975's Jaws. Following a tiny beachfront community that is being picked off by a hungry great white shark, the fiendish flounder isn't exactly on the same scale as the lizard king, but that didn't stop said fan artist from hilariously imagining what their confrontation would look like. Ironically enough, one of the strangest enemies that Godzilla ever faced was Bambi, as an animated short film that saw these two animals staring each other down lasted less than a minute which is definitely understandable.

Reddit Artist Bryan Kelly Draws shared this hilarious depiction of what an actual confrontation between cinema's most popular shark and most popular kaiju would look like if no power-ups were given to the great white shark before this confrontation:

If Godzilla were to battle a giant shark, most likely the deadly force from "The Meg" would be the best creature to face down the current king of the monsters. Godzilla has never faced down a giant shark in the history of his films in both the East and the West, but that certainly doesn't mean we might not see the lizard king one day tango with such a threat. Considering the Hollow Earth was revealed to be the original spawn point for the kaiju of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if a giant shark were to appear in the future of the franchise as Adam Wingard has apparently been in discussions to return.

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