Godzilla Minus One Teams Up With Premiere Japanese Baseball Team

Godzilla Minus One is teaming up with the Giants of Japan for a baseball event of kaiju proportions.

Godzilla Minus One will arrive in theaters in both Japan and North America this year. Focusing on a new take on the kaiju as he rampages his way in Japan post-World War 2, the country was already in a state of disarray but will be brought to "minus" as a result of the lizard king's visit. To help promote the flashback film, the Yomiuri Giants in Japan are planning to have a game night dedicated to the king of the monsters' big comeback.

There has never been a Godzilla story that has seen the lizard king picking up a baseball bat and hitting a home run, but we have witnessed the king of the monsters playing hoops. "Charles Barkley Vs. Godzilla" was initially released as a Nike commercial in 1992, but this battle between titans on the basketball court couldn't be contained in a single advertisement. A year after the commercial's release, Dark Horse Comics released "Godzilla Vs. Barkley", a one-shot special that saw Charles Barkley growing to the size of the kaiju to take on Godzilla in a one-on-one basketball game. Barkley is able to, hilariously, grow in size thanks to a "magic silver dollar". Disappointingly, there has never been a sequel to this hilarious crossover.

Godzilla Batters Up

The Yomiuri Giants will host a Godzilla-themed night on October 1st next month, promising to have plenty of events as a part of the special evening. Fans will be able to meet smaller versions of both Godzilla and Chibi Godzilla and each ticket will come with goodies featuring the king of the monsters. For the night, actor Ryunosuke Kamiki, who plays the main character Koichi Shikishima, will be throwing out the opening pitch.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming Godzilla Minus OneToho has released an official description of the film that will travel to the past to witness the king of the monster's latest reign of destruction, "After the war, Japan's economic state has been reduced to zero. Godzilla appears and plunges the country into a negative state."  Godzilla Minus One will be arriving in Japan on November 3rd, and will then hit North American theaters on December 1st. 

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