Godzilla vs Kong Director Teases the Monster Who Has the Upper Hand

Godzilla vs Kong is bringing some serious action to theaters this month, and fans are ready to see [...]

Godzilla vs Kong is bringing some serious action to theaters this month, and fans are ready to see what its monsters have in store. After all, this epic MonsterVerse movie plans to bring Godzilla and Kong together for a battle of the ages. It was left to director Adam Wingard to bring this battle to life for audiences, and the filmmaker is owning up to which titan he thinks has the upper hand.

The conversation was had during an interview with Variety about Godzilla vs Kong. It was there Wingard was asked if he sailed with Godzilla or Kong more. Rather than skirt around the answer, Wingard said he finds himself aligning more so with Godzilla, and he had nothing but praise for the titan.

Godzilla vs Kong RealD 3D Release Poster
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

"You can't help but identify with Kong more. He's more like us," Wingard began as he gave a big shoutout to Kong. However, the director went on to say he's liked Godzilla for years, and he ended up nixing content from the film after he felt it was too unfair towards Kong.

"I've always been a bigger Godzilla fan, but I found myself falling in love with Kong in a way that I wasn't expecting to. I really worried about him. There are certain things in the scripts that came about and were supposed to happen to him and I nixed them. I felt too bad for him."

Clearly, this tidbit doesn't shine the best light on Kong, but there are plenty of fans out there rooting for the great ape. The monster's debut in Kong: Skull Island remains a favorite in the franchise, so we hope he's ready for another close-up. And thanks to Wingard, Kong will be able to avoid some upsetting scenes that might have left his biggest fans feeling betrayed.

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