Godzilla vs. Kong: Eiza Gonzalez Reveals Intense, Funny Moments From Action Scenes

While Godzilla and Kong were computerized in their Godzilla vs. Kong blowout event movie, the cast [...]

While Godzilla and Kong were computerized in their Godzilla vs. Kong blowout event movie, the cast of the film went through some vigorous practical moments on set to represent the human perspective of these showdowns. In one sequence, Godzilla rolls up on Kong in the midst of being transported by a fleet of massive ships. The sequence sees several characters thrust into the water, flipped around in control rooms, and pretty much everybody is getting soaked. Eiza Gonzalez was one of several cast members involved in the aircraft carrier sequence and she detailed the intense experience with ComicBook.com.

"It was crazy. I mean, it was like being in a water park the whole time, we shot like, no joke, three weeks of that," Gonzalez recalls. "It seems like so small. It takes a second on a screen but it takes so much making it. And it was crazy because, you know, the whole crew had to be wet. It was an underwater, it was like submarine situation. Kaylee [Hottle], Rebecca [Hall], Alexander [Skargard], me. And it was fun, it was like being a child. It was like, 'Okay, dive into the water and come and spit out water.' It was just so fun."

Gonzalez is no stranger to underwater sequences. She starred in Bloodshot, a film which merely had one weekend at the box office before the global pandemic closed down theaters in 2020, where she used weights to keep herself submerged to bring an underwater scene to life. Now, she has given her all again with a film that is hoping to recharge the box office after the shutdown.

"They would put us on harnesses and they would pull us from one side to the other and they would tilt it," Gonzalez says, explaining how the cast would be moved through a space which is made to look like it is being flipped. "It was crazy. The making of a movie like this is unexpected," she says.

"The one thing I will say is so funny, this is like a really funny story," she says, enthusiastically prefacing a story which sounds like a terrible time back when it happened. "I discovered I had motion sickness on the film, because we were in all these helos, all the time. And I was always throwing up and there's a scene that we're in the helicopter going to Antarctica. And I had all these lines and I actually couldn't say them. Like, they cut them out because I couldn't talk, because I was about to throw up the whole time. Adam was like, 'I can't save any of these lines. She can't speak.' I couldn't talk. So, you know, I learned a lot about myself as an actress. So, then next I did, I just recently did a movie where I'm being thrown around inside an ambulance. So, I learned that I had to take something before every single day that I did it. Because, if not, I wouldn't be able to even speak."

After all of her and her co-stars efforts to bring Godzlla vs. Kong to life, Gonzalez has one wish for people watching the new movie: "I hope they enjoy it," she says. "And I hope they go to the movie theaters, now that we're reopening. So, hopefully they feel safe enough to go and enjoy it because it's worth it. It's worth watching it on the big screen."

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