Godzilla vs Kong Tops Global Box Office with $122 Million Opening

Godzilla vs Kong may not have made its debut in the United States as of yet, but plenty of markets have welcomed the kaiju flick already. Now, all of the box office reports are in, and it turns out the Warner Bros. Pictures flick is earning some serious cash. It is the number one film in the world, and Godzilla vs Kong overcome every prediction when it comes to gross.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, fans have a concise idea of how much cash Godzilla vs Kong made during its opening. The movie has the best opening of any since the pandemic began, and it has made $121.8 million overseas to date. This big update has shows what kind of power Godzilla vs Kong has in terms of emptying wallets, and it has crushed the pandemic's previous record.

godzilla vs kong
(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

After all, Tenet held the record previously with a $53 million overseas haul. Now, Godzilla vs Kong is the one who has taken over the list. It turns out much of the success behind this premiere falls to China. The country boasts a massive movie market that has struggled to bolster Hollywood films in the last year. But thanks to Godzilla vs Kong, that reputation is turning around.

The kaiju flick has made a massive $70.3 million in China upon its opening with strong hauls in Mexico, Russia, Australia, and more. In fact, its opening is as strong as the one enjoyed by Kong: Skull Island and outshined Godzilla: King of the Monsters by a mile. Now, Hollywood must wait and see how Godzilla vs Kong will perform in the United States, so fingers are crossed for a strong debut!


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