Godzilla vs. Kong: Why Godzilla Won the Fight Fair and Square

Godzilla vs. Kong has decided on a winner, whether fans like it or not, so here's why Godzilla won the titular fight fair and square. Leading into the climactic fight of the MonsterVerse fans had been choosing sides in the weeks up to its eventual release. Fans of Godzilla thought it would be the winner due to how many advantages it was bringing to the fight such as size and nuclear power while fans of Kong thought it could win due to its intelligence and ability to improvise and use tools through battle.

Each of these advantages and disadvantages were put to the test in Godzilla vs. Kong as both Titans had fought in three different occasions. Essentially breaking up their fight into "rounds" as part of the final clash in a MonsterVerse tournament bracket (as evident by the opening credits), the ultimate rivalry had been settled by the end of it all. And Godzilla emerged the winner.

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First, there's the obvious victory with the first round as Godzilla and Kong fought in the open sea. Godzilla had many advantages here, and Kong ultimately needed humanity's help to save him before Godzilla dealt the final blow by dragging Kong deep into a trench. While Kong managed to keep up, this first round ultimately went to Godzilla as it was really the only one left standing.

The second round is a little less obvious, and seems to have been in Kong's favor as Godzilla and Kong duked it out in Hong Kong. Although it's openly stated that Kong had won the second round, this isn't entirely correct either. It seems like Kong had the upper hand since by that point he had obtained his official king status and a cool radioactive weapon to keep up with Godzilla, but this break in the action really only extended the second round.

Rather than a clean finish, the third "round" is broken up between the spillover of the second round and the tag team against MechaGodzilla. This cemented Godzilla's victory even more so as stomping on Kong and dealing so much damage Kong was left for dead pretty much establishes it as king of the monsters once more. While Kong did get the victory in spirit here as it didn't give up, it's hard to deny Godzilla's pure power.

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(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

The end of the film sees Godzilla recognizing Kong's power as they go their separate ways after defeating MechaGodzilla. And while Godzilla needed Kong's help to defeat this new threat, it was clear by that point that Godzilla was the winner of the two fair and square. But what do you think?

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