Godzilla vs Kong: Who Wins the Battle?

]After a long wait, Godzilla vs Kong has gone live, and it seems the movie is living up to its [...]

]After a long wait, Godzilla vs Kong has gone live, and it seems the movie is living up to its high expectations. The epic MonsterVerse movie brings together two of the biggest monsters in all of film, so you know their fights are done on a grand scale. Of course, the movie's release has finally answered the question of who wins between the titans, and you might have something to say after you learn how the whole thing goes down...

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for Godzilla vs Kong! Please proceed with caution!

If you came into Godzilla vs Kong thinking there would be a clear winner, well - that is not the case entirely. Things fall into the grey area more often than not when it comes to which alpha reigns supreme. When things first get going, fans are shown just how powerful Kong has become since we saw him last in his solo outing. But as we all know, Godzilla has been beefing up on his own as well.

This conflict leads to the first battle, and it ends with Godzilla and Kong at a stalemate. You could argue that both titans come out on top here, but the picture puts Godzilla in a more daring light. The first round goes to the atomic beast, and ultimately, he sweeps the second battle.

Godzilla vs Kong RealD 3D Release Poster
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

When Godzilla and Kong meet in Hong Kong for a final battle, the latter is filled with territorial rage, and Godzilla responds in kind. The two exchange intense blows and Kong takes the upper hand at several points before he falls defeated. The titan might have died if it weren't for some human intervention, and Kong awakens to end his feud with Godzilla and assist him instead.

The third and final battle doesn't pit Kong and Godzilla in battle together; Instead, it has the two ally themselves against Mechagodzilla once the manmade beast arrives. The pair are able to dispatch the monster easily with Kong delivering the killing blow. This battle ends with Kong and Godzilla parting ways as begrudging equals with two separate domains, so neither monster ends the movie on their back.

Clearly, Godzilla vs Kong gives some wiggle room for interpretation, but the final winner is clear to most. Godzilla comes out on top of this movie while Kong shows his superiority to Mechagodzilla in the end. This dynamic may come to change as Kong grows into adulthood in the future, but for now, it seems Godzilla really is the King of the Monsters.

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