New Gundam Anime Movie Unveils New Posters

Gundam Hathaway is returning to the world that was first established in the original Mobile Suit: [...]

Gundam Hathaway is returning to the world that was first established in the original Mobile Suit: Gundam anime series, debuting in the 1970s, and the upcoming film that is releasing later in the summer of this year. The story follows a young man named Hathaway who is apparently a spiritual successor to the original protagonist and antagonist of the series in Amuro and Char respectively. The upcoming feature length film has recently released a new trailer as well as some big name voice actors bringing this world to life, so it's understandable that it would also be releasing a brand new poster to follow suit!

The property was originally released as a series of novels from the franchise's creator, Yohiyuki Tomino, that went by the name of Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash. The story itself takes place over a decade after the second Neo Zeon War, with the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon coming to a truce. With this truce however, the problems of the world haven't been eliminated and Hathaway himself is the leader of a terrorist organization that is looking to get revenge on the Earth Federation for past indiscretions. With the upcoming feature length film, Mobile Suit Gundam is once again entering the world that made it such a phenomenon from the start.

Gundam Hathaway shared the new posters for its upcoming movie, diving into a world wherein the legendary mech suits are used for terrorism in a bid for revenge rather than putting an end to conflict as is typically the case in so many of the mech franchise:

The franchise of Mobile Suit: Gundam has retained its popularity thanks in part to its ability to dive into a series of worlds that may be far different from one another. For example, the world that is established in Gundam Build Divers is far more upbeat and colorful than the likes of Gundam Wing, with the latter creating a landscape that is entrenched in war. Though Gundam Hathaway revisits a familiar world, it does so with modern animation and a fresh approach to the franchise!

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