Gundam Seed Film Project Teased by T.M. Revolution

Mobile Suit Gundam is currently in the midst of celebrating its monumental 40th Anniversary, and [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam is currently in the midst of celebrating its monumental 40th Anniversary, and fans have seen how Sunrise is going all out for this big occasion with several major new anime efforts based on both older and newer entries of the franchise. This surprisingly includes a new film project based on the ultra popular Mobile Suit Gundam Seed iteration of the franchise -- which also garnered its own sequel. A film that seems to be shaping up nicely according to theme song singer T.M. Revolution.

Takanori Nishikawa, who performs under the stage name of T.M. Revolution, recently wrapped his performance during the special concert series celebrating the 40th Anniversary "Gundam 40th Fes. 'Live-Beyond'," by announcing that work on the new film is "moving along."

According to a report from Oricon Music (via Anime News Network), Nishikawa revealed that he had asked the staff behind the new Gundam Seed film about its status, and was able to relay that update. Noting that it's been 15 years since the end of its sequel series, Seed Destiny, Nishikawa mentioned how his is still talking about the film project announced years ago.

Reportedly telling those in the audience that he went to Sunrise and Bandai Namco Entertainment and asked, "What is happening with Gundam Seed?" and according to Nishikawa, the staff responded, "It's moving along." Nishikawa then urged fans to pray for the completion of the film project, but offered no further details.

It's no wonder Nishikawa is such a big fan of the series considering he contributed two major theme songs, but the Gundam Seed Film may be a long time coming. Chiaki Morosawa, the head scriptwriter for the series, had unfortunately passed away in 2016 so there might be some worry about continuing the franchise without her.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed was directed by Mitsuo Fukuda for Sunrise in 2002. As the first Gundam series to take place in the futuristic Cosmic era, the series ended up becoming so popular that it eventually branched off into three compilation films, a manga, and light novel. If you are unfamiliar with the story behind Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, you can currently find the series streaming on Crunchyroll. They describes the entry as such:

"In Cosmic Era (C.E.) 70... The tensions mounted between the Earth Alliance and theZAFT Forces caused by the 'Bloody Valentine' tragedy have erupted into an all-out war. The Earth Alliance's mobile armor forces and tanks suits are destroyed one after another...It seemed a foregone conclusion that the Earth Alliance, with its superior numbers, would be victorious. But this initial assessment proved to be false. Almost 11 months have passed since the conflict began, with no end in sight..."

via Anime News Network