Hunter x Hunter Celebrates Volume 37 With New Teaser

Hunter x Hunter is finally back in action after nearly four long years of waiting, and the manga is celebrating its big comeback with a promo highlighting the upcoming Volume 37 of the series! Yoshihiro Togashi has been known to take long periods of rest in between new chapters of the long running action series, but the latest hiatus has been the longest in the series' history to date. It's been almost four years since the last new chapter hit the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, but now the wait is over as the Succession Contest arc continues at last.

Not only is Hunter x Hunter back in the pages of Shonen Jump with new chapters of the series, but that also means that the rest of its production can move forward as well. With new chapters being available on a weekly basis for the next couple of months, that also means that physical volumes of the manga can resume their production as well. Volume 37 of the series will be hitting shelves across Japan beginning on November 4th, and teasing this newest release is a special promo for the volume that you can check out below as released by Shueisha: 

What's in Hunter x Hunter Volume 37?  

Hunter x Hunter Volume 37 of the series collects Chapters 381 to 390 of the series, which was the final new chapter released before the nearly four long year hiatus. With Chapter 391 now released to fans, and likely nine other more new chapters to follow before Togashi takes a break once more, now fans will be able to check out this volume and keep up with the series like it never left. And as seen with the series before, these chapters throw fans right into the thick of the Succession Contest arc. 

Highlighting Volume 37's cover is Morena Prudo, who is the boss of the dangerous Heil-Ly Family. She's made her move by using her Contagion Nen ability to order her underlings to do her dirty work, and it's clear that she's going to be a very dangerous presence for the rest of the contest. Now that the manga has finally returned for the next phase of this arc, hopefully it also means we'll get to see what her role in all of this will be. 

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