Hunter x Hunter Ends Hiatus With Chapter 391 Release

After three long years, Hunter x Hunter is back! The manga promised it would get back to print earlier this year, and creator Yoshihiro Togashi has worked tirelessly with his staff to make that goal a reality. Now, the manga has released chapter 391 at long last, and the Dark Continent arc is popping off without any hesitations. 

As you can see here, Hunter x Hunter has published its latest chapter through Shueisha, and it is being published simultaneously outside of Japan. The Shonen Jump app is offering the new chapter as well as Manga Plus. So if you want to read up on Togashi's comeback, the time is now!

A Hunter x Hunter History

For those who haven't kept up with Hunter x Hunter over the years, you should know the series began in March 1998 under Togashi's care. The artist moved to Gon's story after wrapping work on Yu Yu Hakusho, and for many shonen lovers, Hunter x Hunter marks one of the genre's best titles.

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With over 300 chapters to its name, Hunter x Hunter inspired two complete anime runs with the first launching in October 1999. Madhouse revived the series for another anime in October 2011, and this entry remains its best-known adaptation to date. So if you want to know more about Hunter x Hunter, you can read up on its official synopsis below:

"Abundant riches, hidden treasures, fearsome monsters, and exotic creatures are scattered around the world... Gon departs on a journey to become a Pro Hunter who risks his life in search of the unknown. Along the way, he meets other applicants for the Hunter exam: Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. Can Gon pass the rigorous challenges of the Hunter exam and become the best Hunter in the world!? His wild and epic journey is about to begin!"

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