Here's Why Interspecies Reviewers Got Cancelled by Tokyo MX

For those who have not heard about about a bit of ongoing anime drama, you better sit down. It is [...]

For those who have not heard about about a bit of ongoing anime drama, you better sit down. It is time you met a rather interesting series called Interspecies Reviewers and its latest tale of woe. Over the week or so, the niche anime found itself dropped by a slew of big-name distributors, and its cancellation has been pinned on a reason no one expected.

Of course, we do need to back up a bit. The whole ordeal surrounding this ecchi has anime been hard to keep up with. The situation arose awhile ago when Funimation did confirm it would air Interspecies Reviewers . Many were shocked at the time given this anime's lewd undertones, but they were glad to see Funimation expand their catalog.

That all change in the last week or so. After airing a few episodes, Funimation confirmed it would no longer stream Interspecies Reviewers as the show's content did not mesh with its catalog. It has since taken down the NSFW anime, and it was joined shortly by Amazon Prime. The ecchi series is also missing from the latter's site, and fans overseas were vocal with their discontent.

Now, the issue has come all the way to Japan. It turns out the show's network has decided to cancel Interspecies Reviewers. Tokyo MX has chosen to give the show's airtime to another program, leaving Interspecies Reviewers with an uncertain network situation as several others in Japan currently air the show.

Now, a new report is opening up about Tokyo MX and its reason for ending the broadcast. According to Japanese fan-site otakujp, the anime was discontinued because of "the program management of the TV station." The message means Interspecies Reviewers was not cancelled because of its content but its network's mismanagement. Now, fans are left to wonder whether or not the explainer covers the entire truth behind the show's cancellation.

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