John Boyega Admits His Go-To Karaoke Pick Is K-Pop

John Boyega has millions of fans already, but the famed actor just nabbed a few more. During a [...]

John Boyega has millions of fans already, but the famed actor just nabbed a few more. During a recent interview, the Star Wars actor revealed he has a thing for K-pop that isn't going away anytime soon.

Not long ago, Boyega appeared at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival to talk all things movies. The actor, who was joined on-stage by other Hollywood stars, got onto the topic of karaoke. So, when the actor was asked about his go-to song, Boyega admitted it was K-pop.

"It's a K-pop song," Boyega said. "Don't judge me! Don't judge me."

After a moment, the panel's host dropped the question fans were waiting for. He asked if Boyega crooned to a BTS song, but the actor said that was not it.

"No, no, no - it's not BTS. But it is BTS-esque though."

So, BTS may not be Boyega's go-to pick, but he seems to know of the group. After all, he knows enough about the K-pop stars to say his favorite song is similar to theirs.

When Boyega was asked to reveal the track, he kept mum on the subject. The actor said he whipped out the song during a recent karaoke binge in China where "three drunk people" heard his Korean serenade.

Of course, K-pop fans have their hunches about the star's pick. If the track was similar to BTS, the song could be one from BIGBANG, Block B, or even EXO. Boyega has even met the latter group before, so netizens hope the Star Wars actor has given the boy band a try.

EXO and Boyega met a couple years back when the actor visited South Korea to promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens. EXO did a promotional song for the film called "Lightsaber" and met the film's cast in Seoul before Boyega jokingly tweeted about his interest in joining the group.

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