JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Cosplay Features Jotaro's Compact Conundrum

Netflix released the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean's second half earlier this month, with the latest episodes exploring Jolyne's fight directly against the villainous Pucci, the Green Dolphin Street Prison Priest who is looking to accomplish a goal set by deceased villain Dio Brando. While the conclusion has yet to be confirmed by Netflix when it comes to its release date, cosplayers are still taking the opportunity to celebrate the latest anime adventure featuring the Joestars, with one specifically focusing on Jotaro at his absolute weirdest.

While Jotaro was the star of Stardust Crusaders, being the first Joestar to present his Stand to the world, he would play a major role in Diamond Is Unbreakable while also making a cameo appearance in the early stages of Golden Wind. With Stone Ocean focusing on Jolyne, his daughter, Jotaro was directly responsible for giving his offspring the Stand known as Stone Free, but ran into an unfortunate problem in the form of Whitesnake, Pucci's Stand. With Whitesnake having the power to transform the memories and Stands of its victims into compact discs, which could then be inserted into the brains of others, presenting some unique foes for Jolyne and her friends to tangle with.

This Instagram Cosplayer not only nailed the overall look of Star Platinum's owner, but also recreated the moment perfectly in which Jotaro had both his Stand and his memories stolen thanks to his attempts to save the life of his daughter as Jolyne was wrapped up in the plan for Pucci to attain heaven:

Surprisingly, the recent Netflix Tudum event didn't reveal when the third part of the anime adaptation will arrive on the streaming service, though the Blu-Ray set for Stone Ocean did confirm that the episodes will be included in the physical release hitting in March of next year in Japan. With the final confrontation between Jolyne and Pucci set to be one of the biggest battles of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as a whole, Stand fans are waiting on word for when David Production will be bringing the series back to the small screen.

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