JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Nailed One of Its Cringiest Scenes

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean has released new episodes recently, furthering Jolyne Cujoh's story as she attempts to clear her name, survive in Green Dolphin Street Prison, and save her father's life, Jotaro Kujo. While the anime adaptation has been able to capture the frantic Stand battles that take place in Jolyne's story, there is one moment that many fans wish the anime hadn't captured so accurately. To save her own life, Jolyne is forced to take some cringe-inducing measures.

When Jolyne finds herself moved to the most heavily secured part of the maximum security prison in which she resides, she discovers that she is not alone, as she finds herself affected by the stand known as Survivor. As explained by Pucci, the Stand can cause anyone within its vicinity to fight one another to the death, even if they're the closest of friends. Jolyne discovers this as a nearby prison guard not only kills one of his co-workers in a particularly brutal fashion but also sets his sights on Jolyne herself. Forced to use Stone Free in quite a gruesome manner, Jolyne creates a string that rips off the toenail of her assailant in a horrific fashion, granting her the eventual victory.

One Twitter User cringed at the aforementioned scene, in which Jolyne was able to ensure her escape, but in the process create a gruesome scene that was only the first time that a nail was involved in Stone Ocean, as the villainous Pucci would eventually reveal he was hiding a cross in one of his own fingernails:

At present, Netflix hasn't revealed when the third part of the season will be released, though the Blu-Ray set for Japan has already stated that these episodes will be included in the physical release. Set to arrive in the East next March, this might give Joestar fans a good idea as to when this next batch of episodes will hit the streaming service. Following Stone Ocean's conclusion, the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure will be a very different place for those following along with the anime, as Steelball Run and JoJolion will take place in an extremely unique locale. 

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