JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Overhauls Stardust Crusader with a Low-Cost Cosplay

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has focused on Jotaro Kujo for far more than many other Joestars, premiering as a Stardust Crusader but having a role to play in each subsequent season of the anime so far. With Jotaro in quite the predicament in the latest season of the anime, Stone Ocean, Low-Cost Cosplay has used some hilarious materials to help in bringing the wielder of Star Platinum to life once again, as fans wait for the return of the Netflix anime this fall

Jotaro's presence in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is definitely significant, with the Joestar first premiering as the protagonist in Stardust Crusaders, but making subsequent appearances in all the anime seasons following it. In Diamond Is Unbreakable, both Jotaro and Josuke lent a serious helping hand to Josuke in his bid to protect the sleepy town of Morioh from the serial killer Kira, and while not having as subsequent a role in Golden Wind, he was able to make a brief appearance in the fifth part of the franchise. While Jotaro is now currently out of commission, expect some major events involving his daughter when the series returns with new episodes on Netflix. 

Lonelyman, the Low-Cost Cosplayer on Instagram, shared this hilarious take on Jotaro in which the cosplayer uses onion rings to help in putting together the Stand user's outfit that he wore throughout Stardust Crusaders in which he was attempting to eradicate Dio Brando in order to save his mother's life:

While fans will be waiting a few more months before once again diving into the seas of the Stone Ocean, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is continuing to release unique stories via the medium of manga, bringing back fan-favorite characters such as Iggy, Lisa Lisa, and Kishibe Rohan to name a few. Hirohiko Araki has promised that he is set to continue the story of the Joestars with the ninth part of the franchise, JoJo Lands, though he has yet to reveal when this next chapter will arrive.

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