Jonghyun's Final Album, Music Video Have Been Released

The k-pop world is still recovering from the passing of SHINee’s Jonghyun. The beloved [...]

The k-pop world is still recovering from the passing of SHINee's Jonghyun. The beloved singer-songwriter died last month after an apparent suicide attempt, leaving the music industry and millions of fans with broken hearts. The grieving process has been difficult, but many fans are now finding closure over Jonghyun's death thanks his new album.

SM Entertainment previously confirmed it would release Jonghyun's final project posthumously, and the piece dropped late last night. The agency announced "Poet | Artist" would be released in its entirety to honor the singer and his final wishes. Before Jonghyun passed away, the idol made sure to complete his upcoming album and its title music video. Now, his final piece of music is out for the public to take in.

The singer's music video for his track "Shinin'" is a hard one to watch, but its jazzy rhythm is uplifting enough to keep fans hooked. Jonghyun's final album is filled with those sorts of catchy songs which fans wouldn't associated with mourning; The release is stuffed with chill-pop bops and groovy rhythm sections which scream retro chic. However, Jonghyun's lyrics are grounded enough to give fans a telling look at how the idol was feeling when he was recording the album.

Right now, fans are holding lyrics from "Shinin'" close to heart as the song houses a truly touching refrain. The track sees Jonghyun repeat time and again "always be with you" - and the phrase is bringing some fans a sense of much-needed closure.

So far, "Poet|Artist" is being well-received by the fandom. The album charted high on the U.S. Top Albums chart on iTunes as it secured the number five spot earlier today and is currently sitting in second place. You can check out the album's full tracklist below:

  • 빛이 나 (Shinin')
    환상통 (Only One You Need)
    와플 (#Hashtag)
    기름때 (Grease)
    Take The Dive
    사람 구경 중 (Sightseeing)
    하루만이라도 (Just for a day)
    어떤 기분이 들까 (I'm So Curious)
    우린 봄이 오기 전에 (Before Our Spring)

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