Jujutsu Kaisen Introduces Todo to the Anime

Jujutsu Kaisen has officially introduced the fan favorite character Todo to the anime with the newest episode. As Megumio Fushigoro and Nobara Kugisaki continue their training for the upcoming exchange event against students from another branch of Jujutsu High, they surprisingly came across two of their opponents in the newest episode of the series, Mai Zenin and Aoi Todo. The two of them decided to test how strong their future opponents were, and immediately got into a fight with Fushigoro and Kugisaki. But while Zenin seemed to have some actual problems with our favorites, Todo was a different beast altogether.

Without giving too much away about his role in the future of the series, Todo is one of the key characters going forward. It all starts with his zany introduction that not only shows off his formidable strength, but also his many character quirks such as his love for women and wanting to drop everything to make sure he gets to a meet and greet event with his favorite idol.

Episode 8 of the series brings Todo to the anime, and upon his first meeting with Fushigoro, he rips off his shirt and challenges him to a fight. Wanting to get a sense of the kind of person Fushigoro is, Todo then proclaims that one's taste in women was reflective of their personality. For example, he says his preference would be for a "tall woman with a big ass."

Citing that people's fetishes are a great window into how they are as a person, he believes "boring" people have "boring" taste in women. Fushigoro then thinks about this question seriously for a moment before he briefly sees a woman in his mind from his past. He then answers that he's attracted to a woman's personality, but this only angers Todo as it's a "boring" answer.

The two of them begin fighting, and it's revealed that Todo once took on several cursed spirits all by himself with just his bare hands. He even notes how he only had to use his cursed technique for a special grade, and this small example shows just how key Todo will be to the series' future battles. But we'll be seeing this play out over the course of the anime's first season.

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