Jujutsu Kaisen Surprises Fans with One Gnarly Scene

Jujutsu Kaisen has hit the field of the fall season of anime this year by giving Shonen fans a series that not only has hard hitting action, but horrific creatures and situations in each episode, and the latest installment has had fans talking about one of the bloodiest scenes of the series to date. As Yuji and his friends attempt to fight against the waves of curses that are threatening the world at large, Itadori continues to struggle with the curse known as "Sukuna" and the demon proved just how far it is willing to go to keep control of their shared body!

With Itadori and the other first years of the school known as Jujutsu Tech attempting to stop the monsters that dwell within the "Cursed Womb", it's clear that they got more than they were bargaining for as they encounter one of the most powerful curses they've ever seen. Yuji gives control of his body over to Sukuna and the demon makes quick work of the curse in their way, but this bargain comes with a heavy price. Sukuna rips the heart straight from Itadori's body, stating that the teenager needs a heart to live but he does not, creating a bloody, horrific scene showing just how far this series is willing to go.

Twitter User Riyalise shared this screen shot of the bloody scene wherein Sukuna taunts Megumi by ripping the heart straight from Yuji's chest, proving that the demon is able to survive some serious damage even though he has yet to ingest all of his missing fingers:

Jujutsu Kaisen has barely cracked into this world of curses, but with its amazing animation supplied by Studio MAPPA, it's clear that this is definitely one of the biggest anime series of the fall season and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Yuji and his pals in both the series and its popularity in our world! The power struggle between Itadori and Sukuna is a terrifying one and adds a nice new wrinkle to the franchise.

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