Kyoto Animation Will Quit Accepting Donations for Arson Victims Shortly

Kyoto Animation earlier this year had to deal with an incident that no one should ever experience, with their offices being set on fire due to a disturbed individual. Though the anime and manga community rallied to assist the company and those employees that were lost or injured in the attack, Kyoto had to delay several projects and will be forever affected by the assault. With numerous companies and individuals donating funds, Kyoto is bringing their donation drive to a close and released an official statement on no longer accepting funds.

SoraNews24 shared the news from Kyoto Animation's website, with the legendary animation studio releasing the following statement to fans and those who helped them in their time of need:

“Five months have passed since the fire. Since then, we have received kind-hearted support and encouragement from around the world, and our company is now focusing on our animated work which is scheduled to debut in theaters this coming spring, with each division putting their heart and soul into the project in order to reach as many viewers as possible. Meanwhile, through our professional training program we are training and cultivating professionals who will carry Kyoto Animation into its next generation.

The wounds of the fire are not the sort of things that heal with time, but thanks to our partners and people around the world, Kyoto Animation is able to go on fighting to contribute to society and the local community, creating works that provide the world with hopes and dreams, and allow our employees and staff to achieve the happiness they seek. Once again, we wish to express our deep gratitude.”

Originally started in 1981, Kyoto Animation Studio has become known worldwide for its work on creating popular anime television series such as K-On!, Free!, Full Metal Panic, and more. It has also created a number of animated films such as A Silent Voice, K-On! The Movie, and Free! Take Your Marks to name a few. Noted as the "first successful animation studio outside of Tokyo," Kyoto Animation has a long history within the industry and we hope that its history will continue into the future. Founded by Yoko Hatta and Hideaki Hatta, the company proceeded to become an LLC in 1985 and then a corporation years later in 1999. One of the studio's apparent strengths according to experts was its "sensitivity to the wonders and quandaries of every day life."

0comments will continue to provide updates on the situation as they are released. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy.

Via SoraNews24