Lady Gaga Stuns in Heavenly Digimon Crossover

Lady Gaga has debuted several different looks over the years, but this Digimon art proves she could definitely pull off Angewomon's bold look! Angewomon is one of the most iconic Digimon in the entire franchise, and is often high on many fans' lists of favorites. If there ever were going to be a live-action take on the franchise, surely this Ultimate form Digimon would be one of the many fans would hope to see get a full live-action take. But who could help bring this powerful Digimon to life? What about Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga has had a long and storied career of various boundary pushing looks, so Angewomon's look would definitely be something the superstar could pull off. Now we have even more evidence of this thanks to artist Carlos Gzz (who you can find on Twitter here). Previously sharing a cool take on Henry Cavill as Angemon, now the artist has imagined the gorgeous transformation for Lady Gaga. Check it out:

Digimon Adventure came back for a special rebooted TV series earlier this year, but has unfortunately been put on hiatus for the time being as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic. This delay definitely hit fans hard as the reboot series ended on a major cliffhanger that teased the upcoming arrivals of Angemon and Angewomon in the new series. As one of the strongest in the original line of Digimon, it's no mystery as to why fans are excited.

There has yet to be any update on when Digimon Adventure will return to its weekly airings, but until then at least we have a good new look for Angewomon to keep us occupied! If the Digimon franchise ever does decide to branch out into live-action sometime in the future, it should look to an unexpected source to bring the angel to life!

Would Lady Gaga be a good fit for a live-action Digimon movie? Where would Angewomon be on your list of Digimon that need to make a live-action debut? Excited to see Angewomon in the reboot series whenever it comes back from its pandemic induced hiatus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!