Digimon Adventure Reboot Teases an Angelic Arrival

When it comes to the fandom's favorite Digimon, there are more picks than you can imagine. The anime and video games have birthed hundreds of monsters which fans have come to love. Still, there are some fans prefer over others, and it seems the recent Digimon Adventure reboot is about to welcome a pair of its more angelic champions to the small screen.

Recently, fans were treated to a new episode of Digimon Adventure. The reboot debuted earlier this month to rave reviews, and this second episode only made the show more intense. It follows Taichi and Ishida as they battle a gang of viruses intent on launching some nuclear missiles. But in the midst of the battle, fans are able to check in on the wielders of Angemon and Angewoman.

Yes, that is right! Hikari and T.K. are back, and they are poised to get their own Digimon soon enough. In this Digimon Adventure reboot, the roll out for each DigiDestined has been a slow one. Taichi was the first kid fans saw meet their partner, and Agumon was as headstrong as fans remembered. Now that we have seen Garurumon in action, it seems like Hikari and T.K. are about to join the fray with their own Digimon.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

Of course, Patomon will work with T.K. while Gatoman hangs out with Hikari. In the past, it has taken extreme circumstances to summon these powerful evolutions, but this Digimon Adventure reboot has done away with most limiters... at least, for now. By the end of the second episode, two angelic feathers are seen floating towards Hikari and T.K. in the real world while their siblings fight in the Digital World. And if that imagery isn't enough to tease the show's next arrivals, nothing is.

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