Digimon Adventure Art Turns Henry Cavill into Angemon

Digimon Adventure is currently celebrating the monumental 20th Anniversary of the franchise with a brand new TV anime series re-imagining the events of the original Digimon Adventure series. There are two episodes under its belt as of this writing, a lot of promise has been shown for the future of the series as it begins to show just how much it's willing to change from the original anime series. If this reboot is a huge success, there's just no telling how far the franchise can go as a result. Perhaps there could even be a live-action version someday?

If there's a live-action version of Digimon in the works, then one Digimon fans would love to see in action more than anything is the fan favorite Angemon. Not only did this Digimon make a huge impact on fans toward the end of the Devimon arc of the original series, but its iconic design now lingers on as one of the best in the franchise overall.

With such a big design, who would be the right person to bring it to life? Artist Carlos Gzz (who you can find on Twitter here) imagined that Henry Cavill (who's currently starring in Netflix's The Witcher series) would be a perfect fit for Angemon. If this gorgeous interpretation of the character is anything to go by, Cavill should be high on the list for any potential Angemon roles! Check it out:

Digimon Adventure's new anime series will be bringing back Angemon sometime in the future too as the latest episode of the series teased that T.K. and Kairi finally got their Digivices. Meaning that it won't be too long now before we see the fan favorite duo of Angemon and Angewomon in anime form again! With Omnimon already making a debut in the second episode also, there probably won't be too long of a wait either!


Are you excited for Angemon's big return to anime with the new Digimon Adventure reboot series? What are your favorite Angemon moments from the original anime so far? Would Henry Cavill be a good fit to play the fan favorite Digimon in a live-action movie or series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!