Lady Gaga Channels Ghost in the Shell for Paper Magazine Shoot

When it comes to pop culture, you can find anime in more places than you think. Everything from [...]

When it comes to pop culture, you can find anime in more places than you think. Everything from science fiction to romance has been impacted by the medium, and that has not changed any these days. Some of the medium's most famous titles are becoming increasingly relevant such as Akira, and it seems like Lady Gaga sealed the comeback with her latest photo shoot for Paper Magazine.

And what anime did she choose? Well, you can see for yourself below. The singer-actress is ready to promote her new music for thee world, and she is doing so with a bit of Ghost in the Shell flair.

Over on Twitter, fans were quick to point out the similarities between Lady Gaga's recent magazine cover and Ghost in the Shell. You can find the images below with Lady Gaga to the left as she poses nude with dozens of thick cords plugged into her body. The image is strikingly similar to a poster for Ghost in the Shell, and fans are loving the homage.

As you can tell, Lady Gaga has her back to the camera as does Makoto given their nudity. Instead, you can see their fully exposed backsides as cables plug in around their bodies. The biggest difference is in the photos and their backgrounds, but there is also the fact that Lady Gaga is shaven in her shot.

This poster for Ghost in the Shell is a famous one, so fans doubt the homage was accidental. This cover photo is a flattering nod to the cyberpunk anime that helped expand the sci-fi genre decades ago, and fans admit they're happy to see Lady Gaga pay homage to the era. After all, she has done some accidental anime cosplays before, so it is nice to see an intentional one every now and again.

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