‘Bleach’ Creator Compares Hollywood’s Canceled Adaptation To ‘Dragonball Evolution’

In 2010, the world learned that Hollywood was planning to take a stab at Bleach. Warner Bros. [...]

In 2010, the world learned that Hollywood was planning to take a stab at Bleach. Warner Bros. confirmed it had acquired rights to adapt Tite Kubo's supernatural series, but plans for the film faded into obscurity. Now, the creator of Bleach is opening up about the failed project, and he has a damning comparison to make.

Yes, that's right. Kubo brought up Dragonball Evolution. Anime fans, you may want to brace yourselves.

Recently, Kubo sat down to chat with TBS Radio's "Sandwhich Man's Weekly Radio" show, and the topic of Bleach was at the forefront. The creator was asked about what happened to Hollywood's long-forgotten plans to adapt Bleach, and Kubo was frank in discussing why he pumped the brakes on the film.

When host Michio Osamu asked Kubo how he felt about the project or if he wished he had compromised, the artist said there were no regrets. Kubo would not say much about the project's specifics, but he did say this:

"No, but I have an example… [the] (Hollywood Edition) [of] Dragon Ball."


Continuing, the artist said Japan's upcoming live-action take on Bleach is one he says he can fully support. "For the Japanese live-action version, I feel that we have come close to the original work. [I'm] really looking forward to it. "

During the lengthy interview, Kubo gives a few examples of where he felt Hollywood went wrong with Bleach. The creator said Warner Bros. wanted to set Bleach in a traditional U.S. high school for one, and Kubo says he asked for a lot of corrections to be made on its screenplay. The project eventually fizzled as time passed, and Warner Bros. had to revert its rights to the series. Now, Warner Bros. Japan is set to adapt the acclaimed series into live-action, and fans can only hope this one has zero relation to Dragonball Evolution.

If you are not familiar with Hollywood's former plans for Bleach, then you should know Warner Bros. announced it was developing such an adaptation back in 2010. Peter Segal was being eyed to produce and direct the project after working on Get Smart and The Longest Yard. Masi Oka from Heroes was also rumored to be attached to the project as a producer, but it seems like Kubo was not pleased with how his franchise was handled abroad.