Man Arrested For Sending Death Threats To 'Sword Art Online' Actress

A man has been arrested for sending death threats to one of the stars of Sword Art Online, ending [...]

A man has been arrested for sending death threats to one of the stars of Sword Art Online, ending a 4-year trail of harassment.

Ayana Taketatsu voices the popular Sword Art Online character Suguha Kirigaya, but for 4 years she's been sent death threats by a 32 years old man named Hidehiko Yokoyama. The man was finally arrested for his constant threats, which he started sending to her agency and production companies back in 2014 (via Crunchyroll).

He was a former leader of her fan club and confessed to sending 10 to 100 threats on any given day. The agency revealed that it totaled out to around 7000 emails and around 200,000 by mail over the course of 4 years.

Taketatsu took to social media to give fans an update on her situation after the arrest was made, letting them know she was doing okay.

"I apologize for the great concern and trouble at this time. I'm fine! I'm alright! So please don't worry about me. I would be happy if you will keep supporting me without change from now on."

Taketatsu also explained how it's been a trying few years, and while she's doing okay now, she hopes situations like hers will become less frequent in the future.

"I have spent frightening days for the past few years. In terms of mails, I received tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands. There were many other horrible things that were not reported in the news. Now I have a mixed feeling with a little relief and sadness," and adding, "By the report of my case, I really hope that those who face a similar circumstance will decrease even a little. I sincerely pray that no more sad incident will happen."

It isn't known how law enforcement finally tracked the man down, but it seems he was tracked to a manga cafe in Kakegawa City, where he was sending the emails from.

Taketatsu has been involved with the Sword Art Online series since Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, and has gone on to return for several video game adapttions, the television series, and Sword Art Online: The Movie - Ordinal Scale.