Masters of the Universe Prequel Ties He-Man's Timelines Together

The upcoming Netflix animated series, Master of the Universe: Revelation, is just the latest in a line of animated series that have introduced viewers to the world of Eternia and the power of Greyskull, but a recent prequel comic has united the timelines in an interesting way to prep for the Netflix take on He-Man and company under Kevin Smith's watchful eye. With the latest adventure set to arrive later this month, the animated series is bringing in some powerhouse voice talent including the likes of Mark Hamill, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Conroy, Tony Todd, and numerous others.

He-Man first appeared in 1981 via a string of toys and comics that first introduced the Masters of the Universe to the world at large, with the subsequent animated series arriving in 1983. Following the original television show, the world of Eternia would return with a drastic makeover given to the beneficiaries of Greyskull in 1990s The New Adventures of He-Man. Following this attempt, a darker series with more action was introduced via He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which premiered in 2002 and ran for two years. These series aren't even taking into account the live-action film released in 1987 or the various She-Ra animated series that depicted the sister of Prince Adam along the way.

Masters of the Universe
(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

In the latest comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, appropriately titled Masters of the Universe Revelation, the story focuses on the events that take place before the upcoming Netflix series, introducing us to King Greyskull, the warrior who first used the power of Greyskull and was such the first "He-Man". Traveling through time, we get a first look at the events that forged the world of Eternia and will surely have big implications for the series helmed by Kevin Smith.

With this week seeing the revelation that the 1980s animated property known as Silverhawks would also be making a return to animation, it's clear that the world of pop culture from this era is ripe for a resurrection as more series such as Masters of the Universe receive a reboot.

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