Microsoft Shares Its Choice for One Piece's Final Straw Hat Addition

One Piece has a long way to go before it sets sail with its final chapter, so fans have lots of [...]

One Piece has a long way to go before it sets sail with its final chapter, so fans have lots of time to see their favorite theories through. The arrival of the Wano Country saga opened a new arena of fan-theories, and it seems like a ton of them involve Kaido's kid. After all, fans want to know if Yamato will join the Straw Hats, and it seems Microsoft is on board with the pitch.

And yes, we do mean Microsoft. As in the tech company. Over on Twitter, Microsoft signaled its support of Yamato, and One Piece fans are reveling in the unexpected assist.

The moment came after a fan asked Microsoft its thoughts on One Piece, and the official Twitter for the Microsoft Store gave an answer. It seems someone with the company's social media team is a fan of One Piece, and they hope Yamato signs on to join the Straw Hats.

"Yamato could be an ambassador for Wano, like Oden," the page shared after being asked whether Carrot or Kaido's kid could join the team. So, it seems tech giant has spoken.

As you can imagine, fans of One Piece turned the tweet viral as they lorded over the response. The idea of Yamato joining the Straw Hats is a popular theory, and there is a chance it will come to light. Once the Worst Generation free Wano, it will fall to Momonosuke, his sister, and vassals to bring the country back to its former glory. It also sounds like Wano will be opened to the world, and it will need an ambassador. Much like Oden did back in the day with Gol D Roger, Yamato could become the ambassador for Wano in this new age, and Luffy could ferry the fighter around.

For now, the fate of the Straw Hat crew remains unknown, but fans know one more member is set to join. Jinbe has joined the team permanently, and there is room for one more on the Thousand Sunny. And if Yamato wants to claim the spot, well - fans would be happy to see it!

What do you think of Microsoft's prediction? Do you think One Piece will welcome Yamato to the team? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.