Mimikyu Is Super Messed Up in the New Pokemon Anime

WWG reported earlier today that Ash had befriended an adorable Rowlet in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon anime currently airing in Japan. Team Rocket also got their first Alolan Pokemon when a crazed Mimikyu joined the team of incompetent villains.

Mimikyu, for those of you that had forgotten, is a Ghost/Fairy type Pokemon that wears a makeshift Pikachu costume to hide its true form. In the video games, Mimikyu cosplays as Pikachu because it just wants to be as loved as much as the mascot of the Pokemon franchise. However, Team Rocket's Mimikyu wears its costume for a totally different reason: it hates Pikachu more than anything in the world.

What's even more messed up is Meowth's reaction to his new teammate. As a Pokemon himself, Meowth can understand what other Pokemon are saying. Apparently, Mimikyu's little squeaks hide some seriously demented stuff as Meowth is horrified at what the little Pokemon is saying. Both Meowth and Wobbuffet are utterly terrified of Mimikyu and that's before Mimikyu tries to kill him when Meowth attempts to see what's under Mimikyu's costume.

Jessie ends up catching Mimikyu using a Luxury Ball after Bewear carries Team Rocket away to end Pikachu and Mimikyu's first battle. Bewear also seems to have adopted Team Rocket, although it's just trying to be helpful.


If Mimikyu continues to be this terrifying, Ash and Pikachu should probably watch themselves. Otherwise, the anime might end with Mimikyu murdering them both in their sleep.