Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Hits Shigeo With Major Betrayal

Mob Psycho 100 has kicked off the climax of the first major arc of the third and likely final season of the anime, and the series has really taken fans by surprise by making one of Shigeo Kageyama's closest allies a major villain with the newest episode! While Shigeo himself has been dealing with an internal crisis over what he should do in the future, the rest of his town has been slowly taken over by the roots of the "Divine Tree" that Shigeo had formed out of a broccoli at the end of the second season. Now it's all come to fruition.

He was introduced to the series as a villain, but after his defeat in the first season, Dimple had been hanging around Shigeo for the series while trying to help in his own way. He might have been poised as one of Shigeo's biggest allies, but it was also clear that he was always just biding his time until the right opportunity came along. Unfortunately as the newest episode has shown, the opportunity has come as Dimple absorbed the powers of the Divine Tree to become a major thorn in Shigeo's side. 

What Happened to Dimple in Season 3? 

Episode 5 of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 saw Shigeo confronting the false head of the Psycho Helmet curse, and it was confirmed that this was actually Dimple using the tree as a base to regain his power. Much like he had been introduced with during the first season, he used this tree's power and the faith people had in it to properly abuse it to finally become the worldwide cult leader that he had been angling towards this entire time. And with it came a huge boost in power and ferociousness. 

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With Dimple kicking off the plan that he had been working on in the shadows for the first few episodes of the season thus far, it breaks Shigeo's heart as he had believed Dimple had changed. In fact, seeing Dimple going after such a power makes him sad as he feels it's a hollow and false kind of power that has made victims of everyone in the town. Now Shigeo's angrier than ever, and it essentially will all feed into the final arc of the anime overall. 

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