Netflix Reveals First Trailer, Poster For Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild

Monster Hunter is one of the biggest properties created by the video game producers at Capcom, [...]

Monster Hunter is one of the biggest properties created by the video game producers at Capcom, with last year seeing the arrival of the live-action movie starring Mila Jovovich that brought the monster-ridden world to the silver screen, and it seems like Netflix is also diving in on the video game franchise with an upcoming animated film. Using computer-generated graphics, Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild has released a new trailer and poster for the film that will arrive on the streaming service on August 12th, telling a new tale of the popular gaming universe.

While the film itself will be a new story in the world of Monster Hunter, it will feature a character that had a prominent role in the series, as the leading man Aiden first hit the scene in Monster Hunter 4. First appearing on the Playstation 2 in 2004, the series has risen in popularity throughout the years, with one of the latest releases in Monster Hunter World being one of the highest-selling Capcom games to date. The franchise is continuing to release new games across the platforms at a steady clip, so it definitely isn't a surprise to see the series exploring new mediums with its upcoming movie.

Capcom USA shared the big news that this August would see the arrival of Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild, along with a new poster that highlights some of the biggest characters from the upcoming film that will further explore the world of the video game franchise:

Netflix hasn't been shy about diving into the world of anime, while also creating a number of anime projects that offer fresh looks into some of the biggest franchises. Castlevania from Powerhouse Animation has already had four seasons and remains one of the most popular original series on the streaming service, with The Witcher receiving an animated film of its own. Needless to say, Monster Hunter is in good company on Netflix's platform.

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