My Adventures With Superman Sets The Groundwork for Batman Appearance

My Adventures With Superman set up a Dark Knight appearance with its latest episode.

My Adventures With Superman is inching toward its first season finale, as Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen are dealing with some major threats emerging in Metropolis. With the new animated series taking the opportunity to drastically shift the Superman lore with events such as Lois and Jimmy learning Superman's true identity, it seems that the show is beginning to set the stage for the Dark Knight's arrival. Thanks to the recent episode, Gotham City's dark defender might be making an appearance in the future of the Adult Swim series.

So far, My Adventures With Superman has just shown off the Last Son of Krypton when it comes to super-powered heroes. Despite this fact, Clark has certainly faced down quite a few major super-powered villains from DC Comics lore. The new take on the Man of Steel has seen Mr. Myxyzptlk, Parasite, Deathstroke, Live Wire, Silver Banshee, and many other super rogues arriving in Metropolis to start trouble so far. With Amanda Waller and a mysterious general assembling these villains in a new take on Task Force X, aka the Suicide Squad, Superman was left with quite the cliffhanger in episode eight as the combined power of the antagonists has placed him into his worst predicament yet.

My Adventures With Batman

The major reference to Batman in this latest installment came with the character Vicki Vale's arrival at the Daily Planet. Vale has long been a major part of Gotham's lore, with the character played by Kim Basinger in the original live-action Batman film starring Michael Keaton. While the Dark Knight isn't mentioned by name in this new installment, Gotham is referenced a number of times and even the Falcone Crime Family gets a nod. One fan artist took the opportunity to share what the Dark Knight might look like in the latest animated show. 

Luckily, My Adventures With Superman has already been confirmed for a second season, so the chances of Batman making an appearance are still viable. With the future looking bright for the Man of Tomorrow, it will be interesting to see if any other DC heroes make an appearance in this new animated series.

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