My Adventures With Superman Debuts the League of Lois Lane

My Adventures With Superman gets into the multiverse with quite a few Lois Lanes.

My Adventures With Superman has presented the city of Metropolis in a brand new way, injecting some wild new story beats into the mythos surrounding the Last Son of Krypton. The latest episode introduces a multiversal adventure into the DC Comics' hero started by the fifth-dimensional imp known as Mr. Myxyzptlk. With the villain's arrival, so to did Superman and his pals receive a major assist from a collection of alternate Lois Lanes across a number of alternate realities dubbed the "League of Lois Lanes".

The League of Lois Lanes, as the alternate versions of the intrepid reporter explain, was founded by "Lois Prime" and will gather different versions of the character throughout time and space. Unlike the current Lois, these variants are all "superheroes" that are attempting to stop Myxyzptlk's latest plan while also attempting to hold the multiverse together. Hilariously enough, not all the members of the Lois Lane League were the Daily Planet reporter, as one just so happened to be a different take on Jimmy Olsen. While Myx was able to reclaim an object of power that made him receive the powers of a god, the League and the main characters of the series were able to stop his plans.

The League of Lois Lanes

With the arrival of the League, Lois Lane came to the realization that quite a few of her variants had done far more with their lives in a shorter amount of time. The Lois of My Adventures With Superman is still simply an intern, and while she has learned Clark's secret identity as the Man of Steel, she has shown no signs of using this fact to get ahead in her career thanks to her relationship with Clark. Of course, while Myx might have been captured, he reveals quite a horrible secret to Lois in one final gambit.

Myx uses one more moment with the Lois Lane of the main series to reveal that not every reality has a Superman who believes in "Truth, Justice, And The American Way". Instead, there are a few variants who have gone a far more nefarious route, as there are many evil Supermen in the multiverse. While not confirmed as of yet, it wouldn't be a surprise if Clark finds himself fighting evil versions of himself in the series' future.

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