My Adventures with Superman Episode 8 Promo Released

My Adventures with Superman releases Episode 8 promo ahead of its premiere of Adult Swim.

My Adventures with Superman is gearing up for the final episodes of the first season now airing on Adult Swim, and fans have gotten the first look at what's coming next with the promo for Episode 8! The Adult Swim animated series has been showing off a new anime inspired take on Superman, and through the first season of the series so far fans have been introduced to a whole new take on Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen. But there have also been tons of elements of chaos thanks to all sorts of new baddies that have entered their lives as a result of Clark's other role as Superman. 

My Adventures with Superman has taken a turn as Clark is now fully bringing Lois and Jimmy into his life as Superman, but he's also starting to learn more about his origins and respective powers with each new episode. This seems to be the case for the next episode as well as the promo for My Adventures with Superman Episode 8 reveals that Clark is now dealing with the fact he's starting to get the super hearing that Superman's known for. You can check out the promo for My Adventures with Superman Episode 8 below as spotted by @swimpedia on Twitter: 

How to Watch My Adventures with Superman Episode 8

My Adventures with Superman Episode 8 is titled "Zero Day: Part One" and the episode is teased as such, "Lois meets her journalism idol, Vicki Vale – only for Vicki to make Lois question her loyalty to Superman. Meanwhile, Superman hunts down Task Force X while dealing with a new power!" My Adventures with Superman also streams on Max the day after initial release, and encore showings will then air on Fridays at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT on Adult Swim and Saturdays at midnight on Toonami if you miss the original airing. 

Starring Jack Quaid as Clark Kent, Alice Lee as Lois Lane, and Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy Olsen, you can now catch up with the rest of My Adventures with Superman now streaming on Max as well if you wanted to catch up now that the first season is nearing the end of its run. This likely also means that the animated series is going to get more intense as Clark begins to unlock more of his Superman abilities, so now is the best time to catch up with everything that's happened so far before things get even wilder from here on out.

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